Twist is no more!

Dear friends and fellow barbershop geeks.

Life is fantastic and so is our quartet.
However, after several weird, wonderful, crazy, fun, successful, hard working and all in all fantastic years, we have decided to end the wonderful organism that is Twist. 
We will sing together occasionally, and gladly follow up on gigs and coaching that we have committed to.
This has not been an easy decision since we love each other and singing together so much, but, for different reasons, it is time. 

Thank you for all your love and support. Big hugs! 

Kalle, Tindra, Elin & Viveka


Welcome to our english speaking fans as well!
Currently our website is in swedish only, but feel free to browse around and hopefully like what you see and hear.

A brief translation of the menu buttons above:

Välkommen - Welcome
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see - not difficult at all ;)

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phone: +46 760-51 81 57 (Viveka)

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